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Our goal at bLeengo is to help everyone, wherever they are in the world, find exactly what they are looking for. We help make more connections through knowledge and information sharing.


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Was created in order to help make online searches quicker and easierfor internet users from all around the world

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Users from all across the globe, our products are made to delight andinspire everyone who uses them.

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That the freedom of information is the strongest suit of the world wideweb. It’s our goal to make finding information online accessible to everyone, be itsomeone who wants to watch a music video, buy new shoes, find the meaning ofa word, or just buy some new shoes.

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bLeengo automatically identifies your input language and provides the most relevant search results according to the dialect

No Set-Up

Works out of the box.
Type Привет in the Omnibox to try it out

Language Support

From Chinese to Russian and from Japanese to Arabic


Change default search providers, add languages and more

Coming Soon

Quick Search

Mobile shopping for all

Easily integrate with all your favorite tools.
APIs including automatic integrations.

Share content and learn.
Trustworthy and fun.

Effortless integration.

Easily integrate with all your favorite tools through and APIs including automatic integrations.

bLeengo Quick Search

Quick Search

Make your searches infinitely faster and better withQuick Search,allowing you to quickly navigate wherever you’re tryingto go.Customize your searches however you like them or usethe out-of-the-boxsolution, preconfigured to your enjoyment.

Favorite destination

When searching for specific topics, you will be magicallydirected to yourfavorite destination. For example, try searching for"watch Matrix 2" -you'll be right where you want to be on Netflix (configurable). Also, try"listen to Cardi B", it’ll be a blast.

What our users say

Sumon Hossan

Excellent extension! I'm using it for a months and still no complaints... very well.

Turner Grace

Great extension, I love seeing places from all over.

Ed_P Hall

So cool, and you get a free check to try out!

A Haque

Works great! It works Just as described.

Vivian Tran

That's really helpful! Thank you


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